Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Secure Your Website on Cloud Hosting: Top Practices


In recent years, cyber attacks and online security risks have seen a worrisome increase. Data breach costs reached a 17-year high in 2021, rising from $3.86 million to $4.24 million. This underscores the need for stringent security measures for your website. Alongside selecting a secure web hosting provider, choosing the right web hosting plan is crucial.

Cloud Hosting has gained popularity over traditional hosting solutions like Shared or VPS Hosting.

With Cloud Hosting, your website data is stored on multiple servers, ensuring maximum security, scalability, and performance. Even in the event of server failures or cyberattacks, another server takes over, preventing downtime and safeguarding against Man-in-the-Middle attacks.

While Cloud Hosting offers robust security, it’s essential to implement additional measures for utmost protection. Here are the top practices for securing your website on Cloud Server Hosting:

  1. Network monitoring: Regularly monitor your internal network for suspicious activities and intrusions. Ensure your Cloud Hosting provider offers effective network monitoring, timely notification of cyberattacks, and vulnerability alerts.

  2. Use firewall and SSL Certificates: Regardless of the hosting solution, firewalls defend against cyberattacks, while SSL Certificates encrypt data in transit, protecting sensitive customer information.

  3. Access restrictions: Set specific access restrictions for servers, systems, and machines in your infrastructure. Limit access to authorized personnel, preventing internal fraud and unauthorized hacking attempts.

  4. DDoS protection: Implement a robust DDoS response plan, use firewalls, and maintain consistent network monitoring to thwart DDoS attacks and intrusions that disrupt website services.

  5. Software updates: Keep your CMS and applications up to date with the latest security patches and upgrades, reducing vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit.

To ensure high data security and protect against advanced cybercrimes, it’s vital to stay vigilant and implement these security practices. By proactively addressing security loopholes, you can safeguard your website data and business reputation. If you’re seeking a secure Cloud Hosting solution, explore our SSD-powered, high-performance Cloud Hosting plans at resellercloud.cc, offering features like 99.9% uptime, DDoS protection, and Hotlink protection. Contact us to learn more about our services and elevate your business to the next level.


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