Wednesday, April 17, 2024

iOS 17.4 Development Update: EU-Focused Changes and Global Emoji Addition


Apple is making significant strides in the development of iOS 17.4, with the recent rollout of beta 2 to developers. This pre-release software is primarily tailored to comply with regulatory requirements in the European Union (EU).

Key Changes in EU:

– Apple has announced a revised commission structure for apps in Europe, aiming to address regulatory concerns.
– Third-party default browsers and web engines will be permitted on iPhones, albeit exclusively within the EU.
– Support for third-party iPhone app stores is being introduced in the EU with iOS 17.4.

For users worldwide, iOS 17.4 will also introduce a range of new emoji characters.

Apart from iOS, Apple has also released beta 2 updates for macOS 14.4, watchOS 10.4, and tvOS 17.4. As more platforms receive updates, we’ll keep you informed. Additionally, early adopters can explore the inaugural beta version of visionOS 1.1, although it comes with some risks.

iOS 17.4 is expected to roll out to users globally starting in March. For further insights into iOS 17.4, take a look at our ongoing coverage:

– Apple has issued a revised build of iOS 17.4 beta 1.
– A comprehensive overview of what’s new in iOS 17.4, scheduled for release next month.
– Continued development of AI-powered Siri and Messages features in iOS 17.4, with assistance from ChatGPT.
– Insights from iOS 17.4 beta hint at a new iPad featuring a landscape Face ID camera.
– Enhanced Stolen Device Protection in iOS 17.4, introducing new options.
– Preview of the new emoji characters arriving in iOS 17.4.
– Expanded language support for Siri in iOS 17.4, enabling message reading in additional languages beyond the primary one.


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