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Tried and Tested Strategies to Make Your Website a Lead Magnet


Big companies have capabilities and have large amount of sum to spend on pay-per-click ads and social media campaigns to build costumer base. But small companies don’t have those kind of capabilities or finances. However, this should not dissuade you from starting your business.

Even without those kind of money there are easy and inexpensive methods of capturing useful leads for your business, such as your official website. Having your official website gives you full control of over what you publish and how you track visits and conversions which improves the overall quality of your website.

Lead magnets can take many forms, but they usually have the following characteristics:

  • Promotes your business (generates leads)
  • Free to deliver (no cost)
  • High perceived value (perceived as valuable, helpful, or informative)

Ideas to turn your website into Lead Magnet

1. Pick the right domain name

Finding the right domain name should always be priority for a business company as it is the first thing people will see when they search for your company. By choosing the suitable and right domain name, it makes easier for people to find you and will increase the likelihood of converting them into leads.

2. Give a glimpse of your content beforehand

On your lead-gen form or click-through page, highlight points about how the lead magnet can provide tremendous value to readers. You can list out the broad headlines and a few actionable insights that your lead magnet covers. Tease your users into signing up for your lead magnets.

3. Employ your best performing content

You must employ your best performing contents for your lead magnet. Choose the best performing content from your library, it can be anything: the most downloaded ebook, most viewed/shared blog post o, most viewed/shared Slideshare presentation deck, webinar with the highest number of attendees, etc. for your lead magnet.

4. Start and maintain a good blog

Nowadays people spent lots of time researching the products they need online so provide everything they need on your website. So start a blog and post content related to your industry and products, such as latest trends, product reviews, guides and how-tos in different formats such as articles, videos, infographics, and even podcasts. This helps to attract costumers and build a costumer base.

5. Reduce the loading speed

The Internet is all about instant gratification. If your website takes a long time to load, the bounce rate is bound to be high. According to reports, loading speed of 1-3 seconds may lead to a 32% bounce rate, while a speed of 1-10 seconds may lead to a 106% bounce rate. Make sure that your website pages load within seconds by finding the right web host, compressing your images, installing fewer plugins and minimizing HTTP requests.

6. Focus on your website’s design

Your website must be well designed and beautiful to look at so that costumers are compelled to surf in your website. The website must be clean, aesthetically appealing, and easy to navigate. Your design should inspire confidence in the visitors’ mind that they have come to the right place. It should reflect your industry and your brand’s personality.

7. Ask for their email addresses

When costumers create accounts on your website, provide you with their email addresses, and subscribe to your newsletter, it helps you get repeat business from them. You can use their information to track what they are browsing, which products and services are of interest to them, their purchase history and whether or not they have abandoned their shopping carts. This will help you retarget them with relevant information and products that they are likely to buy and even get them to complete the purchases in their abandoned cart through discounts and other special offers.


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