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Reasons Why Reseller Hosting Is The Perfect Work-From-Home Business Model


The lockdowns and movement on restrictions brought on by the pandemic led to more and more adopting the Work-from-Home (WFH) model. Even in the post-pandemic world, people are increasingly looking to set up work-from-home businesses that allow them to either work from anywhere or have a secondary source of income, over and above their primary jobs. Reseller Hosting is also a viable business model that can be managed from home, either as a primary business or as an extension/addition to an existing source of income.

Reseller Hosting is also a completely remote business, meaning that you can sit at your home, and with nothing but an internet connection, manage the entire business. The Reseller Hosting business model is where you rent server resources like RAM, storage, and CPU cores from a full-fledged hosting company and offer these resources as Web Hosting Reseller packages to your customers as your own hosting service.

This article lists reasons why Reseller Hosting could be your ideal work-from-home business.

Why is Reseller Hosting a great work-from-home business model?

1.There is a need for better customer service

A significant chunk of new website owners aren’t necessarily hosting or website experts, which means that they’re going to need additional help and hand-holding. People are willing to pay extra for personalised, one-on-one help that they’re going to get more value from. This is where Reseller Hosting excels. Businesses that resell web hosting are typically small businesses that have a much more flexible approach to customer service. Hosting Resellers customise the plans as well as the service as per each customer’s individual needs. Thus, Reseller Hosting has a greater potential to offer customisable and one-on-one support with respect to customer servicing, making it economically viable.

2. Growing need for websites and online presence by businesses

The Coronavirus pandemic had a disastrous effect on small businesses and forced them to start a website and take their business online in a bid to survive.

However, even before COVID-19, the need for going online was rising among businesses. As users go online, businesses realise that the digital world – from websites to social media, is a good place to target prospective consumers and service existing users. Websites, especially, are becoming the online measure of reliability for a business. If people, especially the tech-savvy younger generation, want to check the genuineness of a business, they “Google” it. If a business has a good website and a decent online presence, it is deemed trustworthy in today’s digital age.

As a result, every business, from groceries to electronics, is starting websites to hustle their products online. The result is that there’s been a sharp spike in the number of new websites that are being launched. These businesses are looking for basic and affordable hosting solutions, along with personalised support. Here, Reseller Hosting providers can offer the necessary support and resources needed for small websites to get online and ride out the negative impacts of the pandemic.

3. Low capital expense

If you were to start a traditional hosting company, you’d be looking at a lot of upfront costs. You have to buy the servers, hire someone to set up those servers, and continuously pay to maintain those servers. Additionally, you’d be looking at security costs in terms of expertise, safe overhead costs, and a variety of software to protect your servers from hackers and hardware failures.

With Reseller Hosting, you don’t have to pay for any of that. In fact, most Reseller Hosting plans work very similar to a Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription. You select a plan and pay for it monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Other than this, you really have no other expenditures to worry about, which makes Reseller Hosting very easy and affordable to start.

4. You don’t need hosting or Linux expertise

One of the major entry barriers to a lot of tech-based businesses is that you have to have a certain degree of expertise with the topic. However, this doesn’t apply to Reseller Hosting. The business model has come quite far in terms of usability in the last decade or so. As long as you know how to work a computer and basic software, you don’t have to worry about running a Reseller Hosting business.

All the applications that you’re going to use are based on GUI (Graphic User Interface) and are designed to be really intuitive. This holds true even if you opt for Linux Reseller Hosting, which is the more popular type with Reseller Hosting businesses. You don’t have to know Linux commands. Even if you’ve never used Linux before, you’re going to be just fine. The entire business runs on a few applications that anyone can use.

5. You get all the tools with your Reseller Hosting account

As long as you partner with a decent hosting company, you’ll get all the tools needed to run your business as standard.

With the best hosting companies, you’ll get WHMCS or Web Host Manager Complete Solution. This is a comprehensive Reseller Hosting business software that can automatically bill your customers, send them invoices, collect payments, and even send them reminders.

You can upgrade, apply discounts, or even remove customers from within WHMCS. Additionally, WHMCS offers built-in customer support tools that help you interact with your customers and keep detailed records.
Finally, you can also create, execute, and monitor email campaigns from within the software.

While most Reseller Hosting applications aren’t as comprehensive as WHMCS, the fact is that most of the leading hosting companies offer WHMCS by default which means that you can have your business up and running as soon as you have your Reseller Hosting account.

6. Only pay for what you use

Reseller Hosting plans come in all shapes and sizes. So, when your business is new, and you only have a few customers, you can buy a plan that’s cheap and powers only a few websites. As your business grows, you can upgrade your existing plan, add resources to it, or just upgrade to a new plan — all within a few minutes and with no loss of data.

This structure allows you to scale your business whenever you want to, without having to pay a lot from the get-go.


Reseller Hosting is a viable business with an established market. If you’re looking to work-from-home, it’s the ideal business choice, with the scope of profits only getting better.

When you’re buying a Reseller Hosting plan, it’s crucial that you choose a reputable Reseller Hosting plan provider. Given that you don’t own the servers, the speed, reliability, and security of your hosting plans directly rest on the company that you choose.

For more details about our Reseller Hosting plans, visit the website today!

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