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Google’s Bard Advanced: A Sneak Peek into Complex Responses

Google's Bard Advanced: A Sneak Peek into Complex Responses


In early December, Google announced the impending launch of Gemini Ultra in 2024, introducing it in “Bard Advanced” for more sophisticated responses. Recently, Bard experienced a glitch, offering a premature look at what should be the upcoming version supporting Bard Advanced.

Selecting Your Bard Experience

When Gemini Ultra launches, users can choose between two options at the top of the page:

Bard: Delivering simpler, faster responses
Bard Advanced: Providing complex, better responses

Currently, Bard operates on Gemini Pro, competing with GPT 3.5, while Google positions Gemini Ultra to surpass even GPT 4 in benchmarks.

Bard/Bard Advanced Picker in the Google App

Earlier this week, a Bard/Bard Advanced picker appeared in the Google app, coinciding with the removal of the “Assistant with Bard” brand. On Android, the “Advanced mode on Mobile” grants access to “Google’s best AI models.” Google cautions that the experience is not fully optimized for mobile, and not all advanced features are available yet.

Gemini Ultra Progress and Testing

Google assured users last month that Gemini Ultra was undergoing extensive trust and safety checks, along with model refinements. During Unpacked this week, Google revealed that Samsung would be among the first partners to test Gemini Ultra for highly complex tasks before wider availability later this year. The anticipation builds as Google prepares to usher in a new era of advanced AI responses with Bard Advanced.


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