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Google Maps Unveils Realistic 3D Views Of Tourist Spots All Over the World


Google Maps now allows you to view your favorite global landmarks from a 3D perspective. Although the three-dimensional immersive view is not entirely complete at the moment, you can now check the aerial views of select places in a short glimpse.

The feature is currently available on both iOS and Android platforms.

According to a report by Engadget on Wednesday, July 27, Google Maps has rolled out a feature that can let a user view famous tourist spots around the globe in 3D-view.

You can virtually tour 100 world landmarks through the app. As such, you can visit New York City’s Empire State Building, London’s Big Ben, and more.

Furthermore, this Google Maps feature makes use of artificial intelligence in presenting the 3D views of a location. The captured images include Street View and satellite photos.

The search engine giant said it’s a preview tool for people who want to tour globally. It’s a very convenient feature that tourists should use whenever they set foot on a foreign land anywhere on Earth.

As of writing, Engadget reported that users can now access aerial views. It’s easy to use, and you need to open your Google Maps app, search for your favorite landmark, and then open your Photos folder on your device.

Google Updates Cycling Navigation

Aside from a glimpse of a 3D aerial view of landmarks, Google introduced a new update for the cycling navigation feature. This time, the company has added more information in the “lite” mode, including the road types, routing data, and traffic details to name a few.

For bikers, this is a good improvement since you can now quickly determine the routes and the time that you will spend getting there. In the next few weeks, this update will reportedly be accessible to hundreds of cities in the world.

Moreover, Google also brought the capability to share alerts for a user’s location. This helps the person to know that his/her friend has arrived at a particular place on the map.

For concert people who have difficulty in finding their friends, this would pave the way for easy tracking of your fellow who is still not at the venue.

Of course, this feature will only be activated once each of you shares both of your locations.

This feature allows you to roam around the map at a street level. You can enjoy exploring a village or a road from a 360-degree panoramic perspective.


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