Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Go Global, Go Corporate — Go .CO


If you’re a global corporate website, your domain name and your domain extension must show that! A .CO domain extension has become a symbol of globally recognized corporates that are here to own their space and make an impact.

Whether you use .CO by itself or with a country-specific domain extension like or, people will recognize your website URL as a professional domain and associate your website with businesses and corporations. That’s the power of .CO!

Why is .CO popular?

  • It is globally recognized as a domain extension for businesses, corporates and professional websites.
  • You can easily buy additional country-specific domain extensions that sync up with your main .CO website
  • It is memorable, build professional credibility and is usually more easily available as compared to more popular extensions
  • .CO is associated with — Corporate, Community and Company. This makes it a great fit for a large range of businesses and groups that want to make a strong online presence.

Currently, about 0.8% of all websites use a .CO domain extension, however, it is a rising trend. More and more corporations and professional websites are choosing .CO as their preferred domain name extension, owing to its easier availability, easy recognition and credible reputation.

Popular Brands using .CO

  • Hinge — a popular dating app, used and known globally.
  • Ello — a global network of creators and artists
  • Visual Supply Co. or VSCO — an art/tech company that offers tools to enhance videos and images

All Set To Go .CO?

If you’re a company, a community or a corporate that wants to make a mark for itself on the World Wide Web, a .CO domain extension just might be your stepping stone!

What are you waiting for? Log in and register your .CO domain TODAY!

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