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Cisco SD-WAN Multitenancy: Improved efficiency and experience


Managing multiple customers from a single pane of glass

As a managed service provider, you’re no doubt applying the Pareto principle on a regular basis, reviewing those 20% of activities that have an impact on 80% of your business. It’s this continuous review process that leads to more efficiency and streamlining opportunities that allows you to deliver better services to your customers while increasing profit margins.

Looking for opportunities right now? If you’re not familiar with the latest capabilities in Cisco SD-WAN multitenancy, it’s time to take a closer look. These solutions enable managed service providers to achieve substantial savings in both CapEx and OpEx.

You save on CapEx by making more efficient use of your platform investment by sharing the management, control, and orchestration plane across multiple customers. You’ll be maximizing the resources on your implementation because you do not have to deploy an SD-WAN instance for each individual customer. This enables you to achieve potential savings of greater than 85% by reducing servers, rack space, and cables for deploying controllers.

In addition, multitenancy simplifies your operations and automates the deployment, management, and operations of multiple customers from a single pane. The result? Realize potential OpEx savings of greater than 90% with more efficient lifecycle management, disaster recovery, and reduced power consumption.

More flexibility and scale for managed services

We know that you need flexible infrastructure that can easily scale up or down as needs change. Will your customer be closing some locations? You’ll have the flexibility to easily reallocate resources. Is your or your customers’ businesses growing? Cisco SD-WAN multitenancy lets you easily scale to meet growing demand. You can start small with a vManage cluster of three nodes and expand to a six-node cluster as needed to accommodate a multitude of tenants and thousands of devices on the same SD-WAN network management system. You also gain flexibility with the option to deploy controllers in your own data center(s) or request Cisco to deploy and mana.

Doing more with less

As you add more customers and your customers’ networks grow even more complex, identifying ways you can manage more without adding resources is a persistent challenge. But Cisco SD-WAN multitenancy allows you to do just that. It’s one of those capabilities that falls into the Pareto’s 20% bucket with the ability to impact 80% of your business outcomes—better for your operations and that translates into a better experience for your customers.


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