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Benefits of Managed Dedicated Servers


When it comes to deciding on a third party versus maintaining your own servers, it’s best to take into account security, support, reliability & scalability. Leaving it to the experts may sometimes prove to be beneficial. For these reasons managed dedicated servers are important.

What is managed dedicated server?

A managed dedicated server is a type of remote server that is entirely dedicated to an individual, organization or application. It is deployed, hosted and managed by a hosting, cloud or managed service provider (MSP). A dedicated server is exclusive and not shared with any other customer, service or application.

A dedicated server provides functionality like an in-house server but is owned, operated and managed by the backend provider. The user/customer remotely connects with the dedicated server over the Internet to perform a suite of server based services.

A dedicated server may be used to host applications and/or services, as well as for data storage and backup services. A dedicated server also may be used internally for the hosting and provisioning of specialized services, such as implementing dedicated file or network servers.

Advantages of Managed Dedicated Servers

Security: A managed dedicated server host conducts timely secure auditing with regular antivirus & malware scans to ensure physical security & logical network security. They provide security enhancements along with spam countering. They assure you top notch security with managed servers.

Maintenance: A managed dedicated server host provides maintenance services that include software issue repairs, app updates, log file analysis, MySQL Optimization, reverse DNS setup & network & server boot services.

Reliable: A managed dedicated server host should provide quality data center infrastructure to ensure your servers are up and running. They provide the most efficient and reliable routing for network connectivity. Their servers are protected by the most stringent and resilient security processes in the business. From the physical design of the facility, to its multiple access control points and around-the-clock security personnel, advanced security systems are employed to protect your mission- critical operations.

Scalable: Dealing with outages when your business is outgrowing product or service demands can be a pain. Managed dedicated server hosts often have additional space available to support your expansion needs.


With a professional team taking care of your servers- providing 24×7 support, state-of-the-art infrastructure & the best prices, you can be assured of a smooth back-end functioning while you focus on your business.


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