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How to Enable the Use of the Same WhatsApp Account on Two Phones


WhatsApp, a highly popular messaging app, offers numerous options for connecting with family and friends.

While named “multiple devices,” the original functionality only permitted the use of one WhatsApp account on a computer or laptop alongside a phone. Using one WhatsApp account on two phones was not possible.

Companion Mode is a feature introduced by WhatsApp that enables users to utilize a single WhatsApp account across all their devices. This includes synchronization of WhatsApp chats, contacts, and groups on multiple devices. With Companion Mode, one WhatsApp account can be linked to a total of five devices, including the original phone.

Setting up the Companion Mode feature on WhatsApp involves the following steps:

1. Ensure Latest WhatsApp Version:
– Make sure that you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on all your devices.

2. Download WhatsApp Messenger:
– For Android Phones: Go to the Google Play Store, search for “WhatsApp Messenger,” and download/install the app.
– For iOS Phones: Go to the App Store, search for “WhatsApp Messenger,” and download/install the app.

3. Open WhatsApp on Your Original Phone:
– Open WhatsApp on your original phone, the one where your WhatsApp account is currently active.

4. Access Settings:
– In WhatsApp, go to “Settings.” This is typically represented by three vertical dots in the top-right corner of the screen.

5. Navigate to Linked Devices:
– Look for the “Linked Devices” or a similar option in the Settings menu.

6. Choose Companion Mode:
– Within Linked Devices, select “Companion Mode” or the equivalent option related to using WhatsApp on multiple devices.

7. Follow On-Screen Instructions:
– WhatsApp will guide you through the setup process. Follow the on-screen instructions to link your WhatsApp account to other devices.

8. Scan QR Code:
– You may need to scan a QR code displayed on the other device using your original phone to establish the connection.

9. Complete Setup:
– Once the setup is complete, your WhatsApp account will be connected to the Companion Mode, and you can use it on up to five devices simultaneously


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