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Your Guide To SEO Copywriting: 9 Ways to Write and Optimize Content for Google


If you’re looking to improve your blog content, and bring in new readers, it can be a challenge. You need to write content that your readers can use and learn from, as well as optimizing it for Google. Here’s how:

1. Think about the user’s needs

First and foremost, you need to be writing content that your users actually want.Once you do, write posts that are full of useful information. The goal is to let them come away from your blog having learned something.

2. Use your keywords wisely

In the past, keyword stuffing was a real way of getting your blog up the rankings. Now, though, Google has caught onto it. You should still use keywords, but they need to be inserted naturally into the text. Use enough so Google picks up on your post, without changing the way your blog reads.

3. Update regularly

One good post is not enough to keep readers coming. You need to be updating your blog frequently if you want them to stick around. Once a week is good if you’re starting out.

This does take time, but it’s worth it in the long run. Use tools to save you time and companies such as Write my essay which will edit posts for you.

4. Keep posts to the right length

Many sites will tell you that the longer your posts are, the better. To a certain extent this is true, but write too much and the reader is going to lose interest. The best way to write is to make sure you include all the information they need, but don’t overstay your welcome.

5. Use a good headline

Your headline is what will draw readers in to read on. You need it to be short, snappy, and lay out exactly what your post will be about. Make sure it’s relevant to the post, or readers will be annoyed that they’ve clicked onto a post they don’t actually want to read.

6. Keep the speed up

Your articles need to be quick to read, as well as being updated frequently. That means it’s often a good idea to break posts down into multi part posts. If you need help writing snappy posts, use Paper Fellows as a place to bounce ideas around, or Assignment help to edit expert posts for you.

7. Use those links

If you’re using other sources in your work, make sure you’re linking them. It shows you’re citing your sources, and it helps them get traffic too. You can get other blogs to return the favour by linking to your stuff. If you want to see how this works for your numbers, use an SEO tool like Ahrefs or Semrush to have a look.

8. Use lists

Lists are a great way to get readers in. They help them focus on what you have to say, and break the information down for them. ’11 Ways to Spruce Up Your Kitchen’ is more appealing than ‘How To Update Your Kitchen This Year’.

9. Show your face

Finally, show your face when you’re writing. Having a picture of yourself means that you’re making yourself look friendly and approachable. It personalises your writing too, and shows that a real human is behind it.

And there you have it. These tips can help you write excellent content that your readers will love, and that Google will help you promote.


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