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Will Your Website Still Be Important After Lockdowns Are Lifted?


The wake of the 2020 pandemic highlighted the need for a high-quality and updated website as more people relied on the internet to do business.During the lockdown, businesses that hadn’t prepared for digital transformation were forced to get online quickly. Due to mandatory shutdowns, brick-and-mortar businesses adapted by taking their operations online.One-third of small-medium businesses (SMBs) started offering online services for the first time during the pandemic. Around the same number (28%) of small business owners without an online store plan to add one in the future.

As people get used to interacting with businesses online, websites will be more important than ever.

Here’s what we’ll discuss in this guide:

  • Post-Pandemic Growth Opportunities
  • The Importance of a Website After Lockdown
  • Tips for an Effective Business Website

Post-Pandemic Growth Opportunities

As more people are getting vaccinated, small businesses are feeling optimistic and focusing on post-pandemic growth opportunities.

The unforeseen circumstances of the 2020 pandemic gave us a chance to slow down and reflect on the things that matter most. Being faced with this kind of uncertainty also gave some people the courage to quit their jobs and start their own businesses.

According to a Bluehost survey, over a quarter (27%) of respondents turned their hobbies into full-time jobs. And as women bore the brunt of the work-from-home situation, we saw more women (73% female compared to 56% male) leaving their 9-5 jobs to become entrepreneurs.It’s never too late to shift to entrepreneurship: several business opportunities will still be in demand post-pandemic.The good news?You can quickly start and scale your business when you build a website and get online.

The Importance of a Business Website After Lockdowns

According to the Bluehost survey we mentioned above, 69% of small business owners realized how important having an online presence was during the pandemic, and 54% even reported increased website traffic.

Moving forward, having your own website will even be more crucial as people get used to doing their transactions online.

Some of the reasons to get online:

  • Business continuity. A website ensures that your business is future-proof. When you get online with a website, it’s “business as usual.”
  • Brand recognition. During the lockdown, many businesses could only operate online. An updated website is an extension of the kind of service your company can provide.
  • Build relationships. Mostpeople use the internet to get more information.The secret to business success is customer retention, and the secret to customer retention is building relationships. By having a website that customers can turn to, you can strengthen your relationships with them.

Update your website information regularly. Platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter have developed tools that empower you to update information such as store hours that have been affected by pandemic regulations.However, these platforms should only complement the information on your website, which should be the single point of truth for up-to-date business information.

To keep your website relevant after lockdown, “train” customers to view your website as the primary source of information related to your business. Encourage them to visit your updated website through email and social channels.Get personal. Although your website is a source of information, provide a personal touch so your customers can relate to you.

Improve your website experience. Some ways to improve your website experience are to:

  • Update your local search engine optimization (SEO) presence so people living nearby will be able to find you. According to Think with Google, 28% of local searches result in a purchase.
  • Google My Business has updated its features to allow visual content, so company owners can show what safety protocols have been added and what it looks like for customers to do business with them.
  • Make it easy for customers to find information. One simple way to do this is to add a bar on your website’s header section that draws your visitors’ attention.
  • Choose the best website hosting solution. Choose the best website hosting to provide a safe and speedy shopping experience, especially for security, website uptime, and customer support. Bluehost empowers you to get online quickly.

Final Thoughts

Small businesses are feeling optimistic and focusing on growth opportunities. Websites will play an essential role in expanding your business post-lockdowns just as they have during the pandemic.

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