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Who Should Invest In A Web Hosting Reseller Business?


Reseller Hosting is a well-established business with robust profit models built around it. The reason for its popularity is the need for a more personalised hosting solution.

What is a Reseller Hosting business?

Reseller Hosting is a business where you buy server space and server resources in bulk from a full-fledged hosting company and sell these resources to your customers by making hosting plans of your own.

Reasons for the rising popularity of Web Hosting Reseller business

Oftentimes, websites are started by people who aren’t necessarily experts at hosting or website maintenance. It makes perfect sense when you consider the wide variety of websites that are out there. For example, restaurant owners going online for more orders aren’t necessarily hosting experts.

Therefore, there’s a need for extra help and hand-holding. Hosting Resellers allow dedicated hand-holding and personalised support. Reseller Hosting is usually a small business enterprise, at the beginning at least, and this means that the business can be centered around offering excellent customer service.

If done correctly, customers are willing to pay a premium for this extra-mile help.

Who should invest in Reseller Hosting?

1. Web professionals

The term ‘web professionals’ is used here as an umbrella term that comprises both website designers and developers. When people are looking to start a new website, these are the two groups of professionals that they’re most likely to interact with.

If you’re a web designer or a developer, hosting can be the perfect service to add to your portfolio. Instead of designing a website and then sending the customers to a hosting company, you can offer customers your own hosting plans.

It’s good for the customers too, given that they now have a single point of contact and don’t have to manage different aspects of their websites with different businesses.

2. People who want to start a business with low investment

Web hosting is a capital heavy industry. You need to buy servers, pay people to set it up, make arrangements for its security in terms of power, network, etc., and then continuously have employees on-roll to maintain and run these servers.

Reseller Hosting essentially nullifies the need for huge investments. Instead of spending a fortune on hardware and expertise, you just need a Reseller Hosting account. You pay monthly fees for this account – quite similar to a Netflix subscription.

With your Reseller Hosting account, you’ll get server resources, server space, and pretty much all the tools that you’re going to need to run a Reseller Hosting business.

Things like email software, billing applications, automation tools — they’re all part of your Reseller Hosting account. You’ll also get basic customer service tools so that your customers can raise tickets.

So, a Reseller Hosting account isn’t just a collection of RAM, CPU cores, and raw storage but is actually a complete set of all the applications and tools that you’re going to need to manage your business.

In fact, as soon as you have your Reseller Hosting account, your business is pretty much up and running.

3. Entrepreneurs who prefer to work from home

The COVID-19 pandemic has restricted human movement around the globe. Most parts of the world are in some form of lockdown. Being able to work from home is a huge advantage because of this. Even if you take the pandemic out of the equation, there are people/entrepreneurs who prefer to work from the comfort of their homes. These could be homemakers who manage a household and a business at the same time or people who like the flexibility of working from their personal spaces.

Reseller Hosting is a business that you can do completely from home. As mentioned earlier, all you need to get started off is a Reseller Hosting account. What’s more, customer acquisition, customer service, and even marketing are all done digitally. So, you don’t have to leave your home at all.

4. Entrepreneurs who like minimal management

If you’re a serial entrepreneur and manage multiple businesses at a time, it’s natural that the time you spend on running an individual business isn’t disproportionately high. Reseller Hosting is automation heavy, meaning that you don’t have to spend a lot of time attending to repetitive tasks.

For example, the entire billing process is completely automated. This means that bills are automatically generated and mailed to the customers according to the plan that they’ve chosen. Additionally, these applications can also reach out to customers with reminders and even accept payments in different currencies — all without any human intervention. One such application that is popular amongst Hosting Resellers is the WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solutions).

Another aspect that’s been automated greatly is customer service. All your customers get software and control panels to manage their websites. That software is handily paired with the application that you use to manage your customer’s accounts.

So, raising customer service is easy. The customer can simply raise a ticket on their software, and it’ll be reflected on yours. This means that you don’t need elaborate setups just to manage customer service.

Finally, there’s account management. Reseller Hosting is designed to be easy to manage, and some of the tools, like the control panel that you get with Reseller Hosting accounts, really deliver. Your Reseller Hosting software is intuitively designed, and there’s just one central dashboard that displays all your customer information.

From your control panel dashboard, you can upgrade plans, downgrade plans, apply discounts, add resources, modify existing plans, and even directly communicate with the customers. The result of all this is that you don’t really have to spend a lot of time managing a Reseller Hosting business. Most of the work is done by various applications and software.


Reseller Hosting businesses are proving to be quite successful around the globe. With a market that’s ever-growing, the need for hosting services is on the up as well.

However, it’s important to note that the hosting company you choose as your parent company can quite realistically make or break your business. This is because they own and maintain the servers, meaning that the reliability, security, and performance of your hosting plans depend entirely on them.

With us, you won’t have to worry about the technical side of things and can devote your time to growing your business. You can choose from four unique plans as per your specific requirements. For more information on our Reseller Hosting plans, contact us today!

To know more about our hosting services, and other updates from the world of hosting head to our Hosting Blogs now.

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