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What is CodeGuard Website Backup and What are Its Features


What is CodeGuard?

CodeGuard is a cloud-based automatic back up service. It monitors and tracks for changes in your website and notifies them via an email. The whole process is automated, and the off-site backup feature can help you recover from any disaster seamlessly. CodeGuard backups involve a four-step process to work to its full potential with your website.

Connecting with the website: The simple process requires some of your credentials to get connected to your website.

Creating backups: After creating an initial backup, CodeGuard tracks for any changes made and stores the files on the cloud. You can configure the settings as per your needs.

Monitoring: Once configured, it monitors the slightest changes made to your website and notifies you instantly. Additionally, it notifies you for any viruses, malware or trojan threats on your website.

Restore: It provides a repository of backups to choose from, so, you can restore to a previous date without any hassle.

Why Do Backups For Your Website?

1.Increased cyberattacks: Various research suggests that the number of cyberattacks is increasing every year. In fact, every 0.65 seconds, a new website is compromised by malware. Virus attacks and other security breaches by hackers for sabotaging your business reputation can do a lot of damage.

2.Monetary Loss: This is true, especially for e-commerce or business websites. Going downtime even for a few seconds can cause a huge economic loss for the company. Backups can help in the restoration of websites in an easy manner.

3.Hardware and software failures: Backups can prevent data loss during hardware failures. Sometimes, even during software updates, unexpected things can happen and can block you from accessing your data.

Features of CodeGuard
CodeGuard is more than just a backup tool. It has numerous features that it has patented overtime to provide you with a one-stop solution in website security.

1.MalwareGone: It’s a malware cleanup tool that automatically scans and fixes any threats on your website. It instantly notifies you through ChangeAlert email notifications for any such malicious attempts, and you can remedy the situation with just a single click. Without the use of the CodeGuard backup tool, most of these viruses and malware can go unnoticed and can compromise the security of your website.

2.CodeGuard Daily Monitoring: It monitors your website every day for any changes, and then notifies you instantly. It is helpful for businesses, both big and small, who can concentrate on other aspects of their business.

3.Automatic Website Backup: CodeGuard for website backup works much like a GIT Repository system. Automatic backups are created for any changes made, giving you the option to restore your website to the previous state.

4.Easy setup: Setting up CodeGuard requires no prior knowledge. You just need to connect your SFTP and MySQL database with the CodeGuard and let CodeGuard do the rest.

5.Website Restore: With CodeGuard, you can easily download the contents of your website to your personal computer. The Zip file can then be easily uploaded to restore any previous version of your website.

6.Infinite Backups: CodeGuard gives you the option to decide the time for which you want to store backups. The default setting is for 90 days but can be changed to store the data infinitely or permanently.

7.Encryption: CodeGuard backups are encrypted with AES 256-bit technique, which means hackers won’t be able to comprehend your data.

8.Mobile Access: CodeGuard backups for your website can be accessed from mobile devices as well.

9.Website migration: CodeGuard allows seamless migration from one website to another.


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