Thursday, November 30, 2023

Website vs Blog


Writing has evolved from being just a domain of the elite to skill and expertise in the professional world. With significant growth in the number of blogging portals, more people are now part of the blogging community. The ease of access to platforms and viewers has given rise to a large number of bloggers – food bloggers, travel bloggers, tech bloggers and more from varied industries and walks of life!

While blogs are a great way to share content and pen down your thoughts for the world to read, they are not a permanent solution for all. If you are someone who has achieved great success and popularity with their blogs and further wishes to monetize their blogs, sell merchandise, create paid video lessons, and become a brand affiliate, then upgrading to a website will be a better option. 

Now we discuss about website vs blog.

Let’s understand one thing very clearly — blogs are websites.

A BLOG is a type of website that’s more like your digital diary. You post some content on a blog, and it’s arranged in reverse chronology — you see the newest one first. A blog is also quite personal. The tone of the content is informal, and there may be a lot of discussions in the comments section. It flows like a conversation.

A WEBSITE is more professional. It has a homepage, a separate place for all your posts, and it’s there to provide quick information to people who want it. It’s got a place where people can shop, and the general tone is formal. Now, having a website doesn’t mean that you won’t have a blog. A lot of sites have a dedicated blog section to connect with their users. It’s just that you’re running more than just a blog now.

A website makes it possible and easy to sell products and services, create online classes, help newbies in their journey, and get brand affiliations.


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