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Ways to Offer the Best Customer Support in Reseller Hosting


The need for personalized and customized hosting has led to the creation and steady growth of the Reseller Hosting business. There’s a market that’s willing to pay for excellent customer support, quick redressal of problems, expert help in setting up websites, and so on.

This rising demand for Reseller Hosting means that it is a viable business opportunity where you can earn good profits. What’s more, the barrier for entry is quite low, given that you don’t have to invest in owning or maintaining servers or any other hardware.

Importance of customer support

The key to success in Reseller Hosting is customer support. It can make or break your business because dedicated and customized support is the USP (Unique Selling Point) of a Reseller Hosting business. Personalised customer support is what makes Reseller Hosting plans appealing.

Also, customer support, in this day and age, isn’t limited to a call center. Customer support has gotten smarter over the years. It is now about two things:

– Resolving existing issues swiftly and efficiently

– Anticipating problems before they arise and creating mitigation plans well in advance

How to offer customer support in a Reseller Hosting business?

1. Create informative videos

At the heart of an excellent customer support strategy is an understanding that a lot of the customers often have the same problem. Most of these problems and their solutions are generic and repetitive. It doesn’t make any sense to address these individually for every client. Most people are happy to resolve basic issues at their end if relevant ‘Help’ and ‘How-to’ resources are made available to them.

2. Post blogs and how-to guides

A blog is along the same line as informative videos. You can recognize repetitive problems and type out the solution for them. Upload this content to your website. People who like troubleshooting on their own would appreciate detailed, knowledgeable blogs. Similarly, if for some reason the traditional support fails, blogs can serve as a great platform for customers to find solutions.

3. Create a self-service section on your website

You don’t have to call it the self-service section. But the idea of having a section like this is to encourage people to solve whatever problems they can, without your involvement.

Along with the videos and blogs mentioned above, you can think of creating a forum where customers can discuss problems and solutions that seem to be working for them. Discussion forums are also good for customer engagement. It can become a place where people can discuss hosting, websites, and even endorse your products and services!

4. Adopt chatbots for quick and interactive solutions

In recent years, chatbots have not only become easy-to-implement for businesses, but they’ve also become incredibly efficient at solving consumer problems. Thanks to developments in Artificial Intelligence, chatbots can now actually solve real-world problems, to the extent where they’re quickly becoming indispensable. What’s more, they’re inexpensive, and the more they are used, the better they get.

5. Slow customer service will drive customers away

Some problems are challenging, some take time to resolve, some are beyond your control, and sometimes things don’t seem to be working — these are all valid pain points for businesses. All problems cannot be solved in a jiffy.

However, people expect it. Developments in technology have made all of us expect speed and efficiency, even with customer support. While there are cases where customers can be unreasonable, the fact is that you need to set up a strategy where you can provide assistance as quickly as you can manage.

6. Make efficient use of traditional support channels

The entire point of using videos, blogs, and chatbots to provide customer support is to ensure that you put as little stress on your traditional support channels as possible. Traditional support channels include phone support and email support. Remember that no matter how popular the new modes of support channels get, the conventional modes will still be used by a wide variety of consumers – there is nothing like direct one-to-one communication via a phone call.

Phone support, as you might imagine, is relatively more expensive. However, as your company grows, phone support must be made available. You can either choose to have a call center in-house or outsource it to a third party.

7. Use Social Media for direct and informal communication

Social media is turning out to be a useful tool for not just customer engagement but also grievance redressal. You can also use social media to keep your customers up to date about all the new offers and discounts.

As far as social media customer support is concerned, it functions as an easy way for customers to get in touch with your company in comparison to say, email, or phone calls. However, it is important to note that customers expect efficiency on social media platforms too.


Customer support, as mentioned earlier, can make or break a Reseller Hosting business. So, implement a customer support strategy that is both fast and efficient. And if you want to solve a few problems before you even begin, choose a great web hosting company that can provide reliable, secure hosting.

Eastlinkcloud offers Reseller Hosting plans with dedicated 24×7 expert customer support that offers an instant and efficient resolution to all the queries. As the Hosting Reseller, the clients will approach you with their queries. You can contact us for expert resolution and dedicated assistance for any of your client queries. With our quick resolution, you can offer efficient customer support to your clients, thereby eliminating complaints about reliability, or security, or about the website being down.

To know more about our hosting services, and other updates from the world of hosting head to our Hosting Blogs now.


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