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Our commitment to helping small- to medium-size businesses build skills for success


Microsoft is helping small- and medium-size businesses develop digital skills for success

One of the ways Microsoft is supporting smaller businesses as they recover from the pandemic and build a more profitable future is through digital skilling, which means developing the skills required to navigate a digital world.

Because small business owners want to focus on growing their business — not on searching for the right training resources — our goal is to make it easier for them to find what they need, when they need it. To reach businesses virtually wherever they are, we’re taking a more flexible and accessible skill-building approach by providing many digital skilling resources via e-learning and online training assets. Through our resource hub, businesses can explore proven expertise, technical training, online workshops, best practices and more. We’ve also aligned the resources to the top priorities of small- and medium-size businesses so they can start building skills focused on what matters most to their organization:

  • Connecting with customers and growing business. The right digital skills to use technology for customer relationship management (CRM), digital marketing, advertising and branding will help businesses better serve their customers and reach new audiences.
  • Keeping employees engaged and productive. Whether a business has only one employee or a large team, digital skills can help their people stay collaborative and focused while engaging with meaningful projects.
  • Achieving greater efficiency to save time and resources. Because tech enables businesses to quickly address customers’ needs and streamline manual processes, businesses should learn how to use tools that work together to help them keep departments connected, lower overhead costs and maximize efficiency.
  • Increasing security in a digital world. By educating and skilling employees through best practices, businesses are better able to use the technology that can help them protect customers’ and employees’ data. In avoiding breaches, these businesses can avoid the associated high costs and reputation loss.
  • Flexing to meet market opportunities. As businesses become more digitally enabled and skilled, they can analyze available data, understand trends and move more quickly to embrace market opportunities.

As part of our commitment to supporting small- and medium-size business growth, we’re working with local organizations such as chambers of commerce, nonprofits and partners. By joining forces for a greater collective impact, we hope to expand and deepen how we reach small- and medium-size businesses — especially in underrepresented communities — to provide them with the tailored support they need.

Reshaping small- and medium-size businesses for the future

We believe that continuous skill-building can help businesses remain adaptable, resilient and innovative. That’s why we’re helping empower small- and medium-size businesses with the resources that can help them reimagine how to reach their goals today for a more profitable tomorrow.

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