Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Moving Your Website Just Got Easier: WordPress Migration Plugin


For many WordPress users, migrating an existing WordPress website to a new provider can be a confusing and challenging process. WordPress makes up nearly 35% of the internet today and more people are looking to migrate their websites over to the platform because of it’s open source marketplace for design and functionality assistance. While there are several free plugins and paid services that can provide customers with the migration process, it can be hard for customers to determine what are secure and trusted services that can meet their needs. This leaves customers with the option to stay with a website provider they aren’t happy with or attempt to migrate their website on their own which can be difficult if you have little to no experience.

What is the WordPress Migration Plugin?

Eastlinkcloud is here to make the migration process easier for all WordPress users with our new migration plugin. The WordPress Migration plugin is free for any WordPress user and can be downloaded directly to a customer’s Bluehost cPanel or WordPress admin dashboard at no cost. The migration plugin is a simple solution to help WordPress users with a seamless migration experience without the need for paid or professional assistance. This free service features the installation of a free plugin, WordPress scan, built-in automation, and more!

How Does it Work?

After the plugin is installed on an existing user’s WordPress website it will scan the site and inform the user of the viability of their migration. If a website is found compatible the files will be uploaded to a secure location while the customer completes their Bluehost account. Once a eastlink account has been created the customer can upload the website files and update their domain name server (DNS) through the Eastlink dashboard. Eastlink will also be on hand to provide free professional assistance if there are any troubleshooting issues during the migration process.

How to prepare for migrating WordPress site to a new hosting Server?

If you have read the basic guide to move WordPress, you would know that there are a few basic steps required:

  • Move files (WP-content folder, WP-config, .htaccess, robots.txt) from old server to new server
  • Move Database from old server to new server
  • Change nameserver of the domain from old server to new server
  • These are the only steps which are required to get things done, and you can either do it manually, or you can take advantage of a free plugin like WP Duplicator.

WP Duplicator plugin creates an archive of your existing WordPress files and Database, and on the new server, it let you quickly unpack and install everything. Now, since you are clear about the steps, let me walk you through the step by step guide below.

Prepare the existing WordPress site for migration:

Login to your WordPress dashboard, install and activate Duplicator plugin. The very first step is to create a package which contains all the essential files that is required on the new server.

Are you ready to begin migrating your WordPress websites? Head over to the Eastlink cPanel or WordPress admin dashboard and install the migration plugin.


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