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Improvements in WordPress 5.8


An Overview of the WordPress 5.8 Update

The WordPress 5.8 update is scheduled for July 20, 2021, with the second release in December 2021. It will introduce Full Site Editing (FSE) and is the second stage of the Gutenberg Editor implementation. This first stage of this project introduced the Gutenberg Block Editor, enabling users to create posts using segments called blocks. They can be used to customize page elements within posts, such as text boxes, images, code, and more.

4 Editor Improvements to Expect from the WordPress 5.8 Update

WordPress 5.8 will introduce several editor improvements. These updates will enable you to change your site’s template, widget section, and overall design. Let’s look at each new feature in detail.

1. There Will Be a New Template Editor

One of the most significant new developments will be the template editor. Templates determine the layout of the pages on your site, such as your landing pages, blog posts, and blog archives. They set up the placement of headers, content sections, sidebars, and footers. However, they are usually determined by the theme you choose.

2. You Will Be Able to Use Blocks as Widgets

Widgets are the applications that you can place around the edges of your main content. You put them in your headers, footers, and sidebars to add extra functions such as navigational tools. With the WordPress 5.8 update, you will be able to add blocks directly to your widget areas.

This development is significant because it makes customizing widgets easier for editors. The current widgets have limited functionality, and you are restricted to using specific widget types rather than general blocks. For example, you will now be able to add blocks such as headings, lists, and social media embeds to your widget areas.

3. New Blocks Will Be Introduced

WordPress 5.8 will introduce a few brand-new blocks, including:

  • Page List
  • Site Title
  • Logo
  • Tagline
  • Query Loop
  • Duotone

All of these blocks will help to improve the editing process for WordPress users. However, Page List, Query Loop, and Duotone are among the most useful additions.

4. Global Styles Will Enable You to Control Site Design

Global styles is another exciting development that will come with WordPress 5.8. It will enable you to apply design changes across multiple pages or your entire site. For example, you will be able to adjust fonts, colors, and other visual elements on a large scale.

This new editor feature is exciting because it will make site design more accessible for non-developers. If you want to change style elements in the current version of WordPress, these are controlled by your theme. Therefore, you need to edit the CSS directly, and many themes do not include styling for all block types.


WordPress 5.8 will introduce new and exciting Full Site Editing (FSE) features. Although there will be new tools to master, they will give you greater control over your site’s design and enable you to customize its functionality.

These will be the main editor improvements in WordPress 5.8:

  • The new template editor will enable you to customize your site’s layout.
  • You will be able to use blocks as widgets to improve your site navigation.
  • New blocks will enable you to configure your content in different ways.
  • Global styles will make design changes more accessible to non-developers.

Do you have any questions about the WordPress 5.8 update? Let us know in the comments section!

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