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Website design Essential Training

Day 1

  • Domain Name, Web Hosting, Web server. Email Hosting.
  • What is CMS
  • What is wordpress
  • Install Related software

Day 2

  • How to create database on the server
  • How to upload and install wordpress on the live server
  • How to build your web site 
  • How to manage contents on wordpress sites
  • Manage posts and pages on wordpress web sites
  • How to define and moderate categories and tags at wordpress web sites.

Day 3

  • How to add media at wordpress web sites
  • How to manage third part media at your web site 
  • How to finding wordpress themes 
  • How to choose your themes 
  • How to manage and customize themes in wordpress working with 5 different themes 

Day 4

  • How to add additional functionality at your site by using plugins’
  • Work with contact us form
  • Adding professional albums 
  • User Roles in wordpress 
  • Manage users at wordpress site
  • WordPress setting
  • Customize your site by several settings 

Day 5 Self-Host , Website Settings and published live


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