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Benefits of VPS Hosting for Your Website SEO


For starters and new website owners, VPS Hosting could be a good point if they are looking to rank their website.

The organic way of improving your website’s reach is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).First of all,we need to know about VPS Hosting.

What is VPS Hosting?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) works by creating multiple virtualized environments from a single physical server.These virtual servers are connected to the host utilizing an application called the hypervisor. Now lets learn about benefits of VPS hosting for your website.

Benefits of VPS Hosting for your website SEO

1.Improved uptime score

Uptime score is usually measured in terms of percentage and the most common uptime score guaranteed by the hosting provider is 99.9%. This means that a website is down for an average of 1.44 minutes per day or 8.8 hours per year. From an SEO perspective, a website experiencing frequent downtime will experience a fall in its SERP rankings. VPS Hosting has stood the test of time in providing higher uptime compared to other hosting types. Also, the architecture of VPS Hosting allows it to work without any interference from other websites, making it one of the most reliable hosting solutions.

2.Better loading time

VPS Hosting is considered as a natural upgrade from a Shared Hosting plan as it offers better website speed.However, with VPS Server Hosting, your allocated portion of the server does not have any interference from other websites as you have a unique IP address. Additionally, many VPS Hosting plans use SSD storage devices on their server, which has a better read/write capability compared to those using the traditional HDD storage.

3.Robust Secuity features

In Shared Hosting, all the websites hosted on that server share the same IP address. A cyber breach on a single website can compromise the security of every website hosted on that server. In contrast, VPS Hosting splits the server into multiple environments, each with their own unique IP address. With complete root access to your VPS server, you can install and configure various security features to make your server ironclad against any cyber threats. A cybersecurity breach does not only damage the reputation of your business but also acts as a negative SEO factor for your website.

4.Greater control over the server

The VPS Server comes with complete root access that gives you greater control over the server. It can be tweaked to your advantage by installing various applications to optimize the functionalities of the server. VPS Server also gives you the option to install the operating system of your choice.

5.Easy upgradation

With more organic traffic to your website, it is best to prepare beforehand. VPS allows you to increase your resources as per your needs. This will give you the scope of improving your SEO game further.

6.Managed VPS Hosting

With a Managed Hosting plan, much of the responsibilities of managing and configuring the server lies with the hosting provider. This is also beneficial from an SEO point-of-view, as the hosting provider will take care of installing applications that can help your website climb up the SEO ladder.


Carefully assess the needs of your website and opt for the right VPS Hosting plan that meets all your specific requirements and helps your website climb the SERP rankings.

Do let us know your experience with VPS Hosting in the comments section below.


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