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Are You Using WordPress Reusable Blocks?


What are WordPress Reusable Blocks?

WordPress reusable blocks are snippets of globally synchronized content. In the Gutenberg editor, you can edit these blocks in one place, and the updated version will appear on any post or page with the inserted block.

This nifty WordPress feature is the ultimate timesaver. Rather than creating the same content multiple times, you can now create a content block, save it, and add it to your desired post with only a few clicks.

As an added bonus, reusable blocks work on multiple WordPress sites. Simply export the block and use it on other sites. You can build and manage an entire library of reusable blocks.

Think of WordPress reusable blocks as an easier way to structure your content. For example, you can highlight reviews on all your product pages.

Or encourage visitors to promote your brand by adding social media icons to all your high-traffic blog posts. If your goal is to boost your email subscribers, build a block to persuade readers to sign up for your newsletter.

The Benefits of WordPress Reusable Blocks

WordPress reusable blocks are productivity tools to ramp up your content production. Reusable blocks eliminate the repetitive work of building the same content for several posts and pages. For instance, you can save the design elements of your forms and surveys and update them when you launch new marketing campaigns.

Without reusable blocks, you’re stuck copying and pasting your content from a text editor to WordPress. This inefficient process comes with more human error. You could possibly skip a few posts or incorrectly copy the content to the wrong spot. Instead, reusable blocks offer consistency in your formatting.

Saving time is one of the major benefits of reusable blocks. When you need to quickly add new content to your pages, reusable blocks make it possible to build blocks for gated content sign-ups, author bios, and call-to-action buttons.

It’s also beneficial for sponsored content. You can tweak sponsored advertisements. For example, Change your sponsor’s logo across your entire site with ease, and get back to creating impactful content for your visitors.

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