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7 Best Referral Plugins for WooCommerce


Referral marketing is an effective way for your business to increase sales. Your current customers can earn you more referrals.

Today’s consumers trust people they know. So, consumers learn about your brand and products from their family and friends. With referral plugins, you can make it easier for your customers to spread the word.

You can start a refer-a-friend program today. Check out these seven referral plugins for WooCommerce.

1. Refer A Friend for WooCommerce

Refer A Friend for WooCommerce helps you create a simple, yet powerful referral system on your website. Rather than giving money to your referrals, you can reward your loyal fans with coupons or free products.

“Incentives aren’t limited to cash and gift cards. Product-based discounts, perks, or upgrades can make your customers more invested in your brand and more engaged with your product. This will strengthen their loyalty—and likely result in them submitting more referrals,” states Kayley Marner, a contributor at Influitive.

The plugin creates a unique link for your referrals. Then, customers can use the referral link to tell their family and friends about your website. When someone uses the link and makes a purchase, the referral receives a coupon.

The premium version of this plugin comes with bonus features, including advanced shortcodes and statistics. You also get one year of support and free updates.

2. ReferralCandy for WooCommerce

ReferralCandy for WooCommerce is a one-of-kind plugin for automating customer referral campaigns. It’ll help you gain more sales while rewarding your customers. Each of your customers receives a personal reward link to share with their friends.

You can customize the rewards for both referring customers and referred friends. Choose from store discounts, cash payouts, and custom rewards. This tool works with most eCommerce stores via an app integration or email connect.

When you upgrade to a premium version, you’ll have access to referral nudges to improve your campaigns. Engage your customers with site popups, embedded sign-up forms, and post-purchase popups.

This tool also includes a custom dashboard to track your referral revenue and monitor your top referrers. You’ll have everything you need to grow your sales.

3. InviteReferrals

InviteReferrals is an all-in-one referral plugin for WooCommerce that helps you with strategy, design, and implementation. It automatically sends a coupon to your referrers via email after a sale or registration. Megan Mosley, former marketing and operations specialist at ReferralRock, says:

“Referrals work because people tend to trust recommendations from someone they know. Based on this trust, refer-a-friend programs help to spread the word about a particular business, product, or service.”

This tool offers in-depth analytics to monitor your referral program. You can track everything from referrers, invites, referral visits, and referral sales. You easily can pinpoint your top referrers in the dashboard.

Plus, referral fraud prevention comes with the plugin. You’ll get a spam-proof notification system to identify suspicious participants.

4. Gratisfaction

Gratisfaction is an all-in-one loyalty platform for online stores. Whether you’re rewarding customers for referrals or simply giving away prizes, your business can boost sales and increase repeat purchases.

This WooCommerce tool offers pre-made templates to get your refer-a-friend campaign started. You can reward your customers with points, and then define the points required to redeem from a selection of rewards. You create the program that fits your brand’s marketing strategy.

Gratisfaction also provides options to create sweepstakes, celebrate events, and earn product reviews. You get a suite of tools to engage more people with your brand. Support is also available to help you set up your referral campaigns.

5. Multilevel Referral Affiliate Plugin for WooCommerce

Multilevel Referral Affiliate Plugin for WooCommerce rewards your customers for sharing your website with their network. With this easy-to-use plugin, you can track referrers and their sales, including total credits.

You can send reminder emails to your referral users about their referral points. You’ll boost your word-of-mouth sales and increase purchasing from your loyal customers.

This plugin offers a variety of features, like customized email templates, an auto-join option, and predefined social media banners. You also can set the store credit percentage globally.

6. Coupon Referral Program

Coupon Referral Program rewards the referrer and referred customers with discount coupons after they complete a required action. Your current customers can share their referral links on social media or by email. As an admin, you can customize the referral button using predefined options or custom CSS.

This WooCommerce referral plugin is designed to increase store engagement and boost your conversion rate. You can provide sign-up discount coupons to all or only to referred users when they register at your store. There’s an option to set an expiration time on the discount coupons, too.

You have full control over which products you want to include or exclude in your referral program. You can decide the minimum and maximum amount spent to redeem referral discount coupons.

7. WooCommerce Referral Scheme WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce Referral Scheme WordPress Plugin generates a unique number for your referrals. When they use the code to refer their friends, they get rewarded points. Your referrals can use their earned points to purchase your products at checkout.

“Referral programs still help with lead generation: you’re rewarding people for doing the work of finding leads for you. A referral program is a way to generate leads—and not just any leads, but highly-qualified, niche-specific leads that are more likely to result in sales,” writes Emma Siemasko, a freelance writer and content strategist.

This plugin comes with step-by-step instructions to get started within minutes. It calculates the referral points for you. That way, your referrals can focus on promoting your website via email or social media.


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