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6 Useful Applications Of A Dedicated Server


A Dedicated Server is a physical, bare-metal server that is entirely allocated to a single user. People familiar with the hosting industry might know of Dedicated Server Hosting where a complete server is allocated for a single user. Dedicated Server Hosting offers a host of benefits for people looking for a private, secure and sturdy hosting option.

A Dedicated Server is a robust platform that has a lot of uses and applications. After all, it’s a bare-metal server with a huge amount of resources. These resources can be put into a varied number of uses. 

This article intends to elaborate on the various applications of a Dedicated Server, apart from web hosting. 

Applications of a Dedicated Server

1. Email

Emails, for businesses, is a way to reach out to the customers, promote offers, market new products, and even provide support to existing customers. So, it’s natural that businesses want to have their email service up and running all the time. 

One way that businesses do this is by having a Dedicated Server for email. A dedicated email server has several advantages. 

  • For starters, businesses get great uptimes because the entire server and its resources are dedicated to handling emails only. 
  • Security is another advantage. Having a dedicated email server allows businesses to configure the servers to be as secure as possible. 
  • Lastly, it also allows a business to have complete control over crucial email features like bandwidth, attachment limit, and customer email lists. 

As a result of all these advantages, a lot of businesses are now opting for email services through a Dedicated Server. 

2. Backup

Data backups are crucial for any business. In case your website fails or crashes, you’ll have a usable copy of your website. And backups aren’t limited to websites —  any file stored in the company’s network can be backed up. 

However, it’s important to have a copy of your website and its data somewhere outside the network. The reason is simple. If your network is attacked or fails for whatever other reason, and your backup is on the same network, it renders the backup useless. 

Therefore, a lot of businesses now back up their data on separate Dedicated Servers that are outside their primary network. This way, even if your primary network fails, you will have a usable copy of business data that can be accessed instantly. 

3. Gaming

The gaming industry has exploded — that’s no exaggeration — in the past few years. Not long ago, gaming was, for the most part, an individual activity. You popped a CD into whatever console you were using and spent hours on games, the quality of which can be considered horrible by today’s standards. Online gaming was present but was mostly plagued by bad speeds and spotty connections. Even when you had a good internet connection, the games themselves did not offer much to do online. 

However, with the advent of MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games), gaming has become somewhat of a community experience. Friends from around the world can play a game together, and games are designed to take advantage of this. However, even today, there are problems with low speeds. 

Dedicated Servers for gaming allow you to create your own little community to play. You have lesser lag, greater reliability, and much better performance. Minecraft is a prime example of this. There are hundreds of Dedicated Servers that gamers use to create elaborate Minecraft worlds. 

Usually, gaming servers are provided and maintained by the creators. From one creator to another, performance varies. However, with a dedicated gaming server, you get access to additional CPU cores, RAM, and disk space, all of which help boost game performance significantly. Multiplayer gaming on dedicated gaming servers is a huge business now. 

4. Communication

Dedicated Servers cannot be matched in speed, security, and reliability. As a result, they’re used extensively for communication purposes. Video streaming, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls, and live videos are usually hosted using one or more Dedicated Servers. A decrease in call drop rates is usually attributed to the extensive addition of Dedicated Servers. 

Dedicated Servers are also the best choice to ensure quality connections where there is a need for least interruptions and minimal lag. 

5. VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPNs are generally used when you want to keep the information loop closed. This means that you want the network to be accessed only by specific devices. This is achieved by using Dedicated Servers. These servers will not accept all connection requests. Only specific computers (can be mobiles, tablets, etc.) can access the information on the servers. 

The advantage of using VPNs is that hacking is prevented to a large extent, and it offers excellent security. 

6. Syncing data

Dedicated Servers can cater to a large number of requests at a given time, thanks to its resources. Therefore, they are good for syncing data across devices. You can upload a file to the server, and the data can be replicated across all the devices in the network. This is usually done with a cloud network. 

However, data syncing and VPNs share a commonality. The files uploaded to Dedicated Servers cannot be accessed by everyone. Only specific devices can connect to the server. As a result, data is more secure.

While data syncing and VPNs may seem similar, they’re not. VPNs are mostly used to connect different computers to a single, closed network. Data syncing is more about storing data at one place so that it can be replicated across devices whenever the need arises. 


The application of Dedicated Servers is growing by the day. Thanks to their unmatched speed and reliability, they are being used in more and more places. Gaming, backups, and communications are just some of the popular Dedicated Server uses and applications.

Irrespective of what you want to do with your Dedicated Server, it’s important that you choose a reputed Dedicated Hosting plan and provider. 

ResellerClub offers robust Dedicated Server solutions, wherein we take things like security and performance seriously. We offer SSD (Solid State Drive) powered storage, additional firewalls, routine security checks, advanced server hardware, and expert 24×7 support with our Dedicated Hosting plans. These are the crucial factors in the long run that will decide how secure and reliable your Dedicated Servers really are.

For more information, tips and hacks, head to our Servers Blog category. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to drop a comment below.


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